Global Political Economy

Global Political Economy
Paper details:

Answer the following Questions please:

1. “Realists are always right”. Using actual examples, discuss this statement in the context of competing theories of global political economy e.g. liberalism and structuralism.

2. “While climate change is a scientific reality, developing policies to alleviate, if not reverse its harmful impacts, is about political and economic interests and influence of companies and states.” Debate this claim refering to real examples and cases.

3. “Economic development remains hard for developing countries as long as developed economies control technology, financial and human capital.” Discuss using real examples to support your analytical points.

The Sources should be taken from Google websites, Economical Websites (News, The Economist), articles up to date ones. Refer to well researched sources and they need to be available on the internet (so not book) most likely articles which were released.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

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