Health Information Technology, 3rd Edition

Health Information Technology, 3rd Edition
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Title:Health Information Technology, 3rd Edition
Author:Nadinia A. Davisand Melissa LaCour
eBook or Physical text:Physical
The Role of Healthcare Delivery in Patient Outcomes
Chapter 1: “Health Care Delivery Systems”
Chapter 2: “Collecting Health Care Data”

Assignment Instructions : Create a file of five records that contain name, address, and telephone numbers. Begin by defining the fields in data dictionary format, and then show how you would represent these fields if you were trying to explain them to someone else. You may elect to place a sample template record in a Word document and complete by filling in the data related to the imaginary patient. and Assessment
NoTE: Assignment Grading Rubric = 100 points #
Assignment Requirements Points possible Points earned by student
Content, Quality, Initial Response 0-20
Resources 0-20
Create file (inclusion of 5 records) 0-30
Define fields of data 0-30
Total (Sum of all points)
Points deducted for spelling, grammar, and/or APA errors.
Adjusted total points
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