Hill and hooks – feminism

Hill and hooks – feminism
Hill and hooks – feminism written responses:

Use this space for several written responses.
1. Write a thoughtful response to the words and lyrics of the Lauryn Hill. In particular how does she explain and demonstrate the power of voice and the meaning of freedom. ( half page)

2. Write a summary of the Introduction and first chapter of the bell hooks piece, “Feminism is for Everybody.” According to the authors of “They Say, I Say,” “in order to write a really good summary, you must be able to suspend your own beliefs for a time and put yourself in the shoes of someone else…this ability to temporarily suspend one’s own convictions is a hallmark of good actors, who must convincingly ‘become’ characters whom in real life they may detest. As a writer, when you play the believing game well, readers should not be able to tell whether you agree or disagree with the ideas you are summarizing” (Graff 31). In addition, it is important to understand an argument well before you can position yourself either for or against it. This is also a good practice for developing string written and verbal communication skills.

You summary should be at least two lengthy paragraphs. You must intelligently and thoughtfully explain the main points of the author. A summary asks you to explain the main points of the writer and to put them in your own words. This is not a place to quote heavily, although you may include several brief quotes. This is not a place to insert your opinion, argument, or all of the things you have heard about this topic. All you are doing is highlighting and explaining what the author says, what is the “they say..” which you need to know and understand before getting to your “I say.” Any strong intellectual work that you do in higher education will expect you to be able to do this so this is also excellent college prep work.

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