homelessness volunteering work in the Uk

Service learning report 30%This report assignment addresses the following learning outcomes of the course:
• research and understand the context for a chosen community activity
• apply knowledge of the use of specific research techniques, software and applications to determine their appropriateness for a range of tasks

This report will build upon the work you have already done to make your presentation. Its purpose is to explain in more detail to your audience what issue in the community you have chosen to focus on and research for your service learning, and how it is being addressed by the charitable sector. Unlike your presentation, it will NOT be personal and the points made need to be backed up by lots of evidence presented in a range of multi-media formats.
Here are the requirements of the report:
A title page
A table of contents
Four sections as follows:
Section I: the purpose of the report, and an explanation of:
1. why there is a problem in this area
2. whether it is a local, national or international problem, and which this report focuses on
3. which organisations, working in London, are active in this area
4. which of these organisations this report focuses on

Section II: an explanation of research undertaken:
1. Any primary research conducted
2. Online or print sources used

Section III: the results of the research, to include some or all of the following:
1. The history of the organisation
2. The different ways in which the organisation aims to address the problem
3. Some of the political, social, financial problems it faces

Section IV: its volunteers
1. How it tries to attract volunteers, what voluntary roles it offers, what requirements it has
2. What kind of health and safety policies and/or liability insurance are in place for volunteers
A very short conclusion should finish the report.
All sources will be cited in the report and a bibliography will be included at the end, following a citation style which you are using in one of your other courses.
The report will look very professional, and visually attractive. It will be clearly structured, making full use of a range of Microsoft Office applications or equivalents. It will contain plenty of numerical data in appropriate visual formats, created specially. It may include links to videos or other media where appropriate. It will be written in an impersonal style (do not use “I” or “We” in a report), in about 1000 words and submitted on or before 13th April 2016 via Safe Assignment on Blackboard plus hard copy to your professor (hard copy not required in colour).

Reflections on digital literacy for your PDP
As you work on this report, you will create a digital literacy section of your PDP, explaining the digital experiments you have undertaken during the process of creating the report. It will show, giving clear examples, that you have tried out various aspects of Microsoft Office or equivalent which are new to you, and other software as appropriate. It will reflect on ways in which you have taken into account your potential audience’s preferences and needs, or maybe even possible learning disabilities, through the choice of images, fonts, styles and colour, and the use of multi-media applications. You may have helped your classmates in various ways, in which case you can also reflect on this. More details are provided in your PDP booklet.

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