How does the trend of abstinence-only education rely on dominant ideals of femininity?

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A Gender Regime Paper (DUE Nov 17th) 5 FULL pages 1 page work cited.

In order for you to think creatively about the world around you, you will write a short paper (minimum 4 full pages, maximum 5 full pages) on a topic that relates to the sociological study of gender. Detailed expectations for these papers will be posted on Desire2Learn.

*** You must have 5 ACADEMIC sources in your paper. Please see Academic Source Guidelines to ensure you re meeting those requirements***

What is a Gender Regime

The beliefs, customs, social structures, and institutions that structure gendered life.

Sociologists talk about the gender regime as the unfolding of gender in everyday life

Internal structures, processes and beliefs that distribute women and men into different tasks and positions.

Each institution in society has its own gender regime, or ways of creating gendered rules of behavior

We look at gendered institutions* to discuss how the gender norms of particular institutions structure people s lives.

*Gender Institutions: An institution constructed by gender relations; an institution whose structure, values, rules, formal organization, and sex composition reflect the dominant conceptions of masculinity and femininity.

Your job: Pick a gender institution and discuss how gender functions within it. You may decide to talk about expectations of masculinity and femininity or to focus on just masculinity or just femininity.

* Examples: Family, Work, Education, Media, Sports, Military

Option 1: A broad investigation of your institution

Discuss you institution broadly. You may choose to focus on how masculinity, femininity, or both masculinity and femininity operate in this institution.



Research question example: What are the norms of masculinity in the military and how do they contribute to gender inequality

Research question example: What are the norms of femininity in the military and how do they influence women s experiences within it


Research question example: What are the norms of masculinity and femininity within families and what can changes in these norms tell us about gender equality

Research question example: What do the norms of femininity and motherhood tell us about gender inequality


Research question example: How are women depicted in various forms of media

Research question example: What do differences in representations of masculinity and femininity in media tell us about gender relations

Option 2: A specific investigation of some aspect of your institution


Research question example: How does high school football socialize boys

Research question example: How do professional female basketball players experience their sport and why


Research question example: What do Katy Perry songs reveal about dominant ideologies about gender

(by this I mean to suggest that you can pick a specific artists and analyze their lyrical content)

If you do this, please be warned that you have to turn in 4-5 pages of analytic content of your own. Quoting lyrics for a page or half a page does not count toward your page limit.

Research question example: How is masculinity depicted in Mad Men and what does its popularity tell us about gender relations


Research question example: How does the trend of abstinence-only education rely on dominant ideals of femininity

Research question example: How does the school to prison pipeline reinforce dominant constructions of gendered racism

For any topic broad or specific intersectional perspectives that consider gender s intersection with race, class, sexuality, and/or ability are deeply appreciated

Source Guidelines:GUIDELINES for your papers


All font should be 12 point font

Times New Roman Script

1 margins all around often this is not a default so page layout has to be changed for this. In 2007 microsoft word, go to page layout in the tool bar, choose margins and make it 1 in top, bottom, right, and left. Believe me, I can tell by looking.

Double-spaced. All text should be double-spaced. Please do not try to take up space by putting an extra double space between paragraphs or between different sections of the paper.

Title Page including your name, the class time you are in, and your topic choice

Do not put any headings on the page that take space away from your writing.

The format is not in APA style you do not need an abstract or a specifically formatted title page. Only sources should be cited in APA style.


Your sources must be published within the last 15 years to count toward your sources; the earliest should be from 2001. If you are quoting statistics the sources should be from the last 5-6 years; the earliest should be 2010.

Below is a list of what counts as an academic source. You ll notice I say no newspaper articles (for example). This means that you may use a newspaper article if it helps prove your point (likewise with magazine articles, non-academic books, websites, classroom texts) but they will not count toward your required sources.

That being said, still NO Wikipedia at all in the paper.

What is an academic source

– A peer-reviewed academic journal.

– A book written by an academic/professor from publishers with publisher names like University of Minnesota or NYU Press ; this is not exhaustive an academic publisher might also be Rowman & Littlefield or Routledge. What makes a book academic is its content ask yourself if the person is writing research or using research to write about a theory.

– No textbooks

– No readings from the course

– If a book would be talked about on Larry King Live, Oprah or if it would make the New York Times best seller it does not count as an academic source.

– No magazines articles, no newspaper articles

– No websites (This does not include using internet search engines to download academic journal articles)

Citation of Sources:

You are required to use APA style for in-text citation of sources.

You are also required to provide a works cited page at the end of your paper.

The following are brief examples of how to cite sources. More can be found at HYPERLINK “”

In-Text Citations:

When you present an author s idea by name, state the year in parenthesis after the name

E.g.: Smith (2001) has found that babies are adorable.

When you present an idea that requires citation, state the

Babies are adorable (Smith, 2001).

When you quote an author directly use quotations and place the reference after the sentence such as (his/her name, year: page number).

Small human creatures carry with them traits that make adult human creates coo with glee (Smith, 2001: 53).

** 2 authors in-text: Smith and Jones (2002) state that OR (Smith & Jones, 2002).

*** 3 or more authors in-text: for Smith, Jones, and Johnson (2004) it would be Smith et al. (2004) found that OR (Smith et al., 2004)

Works Cited Examples:

Journal Articles:

Name. (year). Article title. Journal name, volume #, page numbers.


Berndt, T. J. (2002). Friendship quality and social development. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 11, 7-10.


Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. Location: Publisher.

Note: For “Location,” you should always list the city and the state using the two letter postal abbreviation without periods (New York, NY).


Calfee, R. C., & Valencia, R. R. (1991). APA guide to preparing manuscripts for journal publication. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Edited Book/Anthology:

Name of author. (year). Title of essay Name(s) of editor(s) of the anthology. (Ed.) Location: Publisher.


Plath, S. (2000). The unabridged journals K.V. Kukil, (Ed.). New York, NY: Anchor.

A note about authors:

Last names go first for all authors. No first names, just initials. Names appear as published, not in alphabetical order.


Wegener, D. T., & Petty, R. E. (1994).

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