Human Reources Management-Healthcare

Review all of the material that we covered in the course this semester. This includes the discussion boards.
Develop a management level white paper that discusses the following key points:
The rewards system, recruitment and selection processes, appraisal systems, and employee development systems
must be integrated in order to: support the overall mission of the organization, support the culture that we
espouse for our employees and customers; and to support my own needs as a manager.
As you look over the organization in which you currently work, you should have identified examples of where
this is happening, and where it is not so apparent. (If you do not currently work in an organization today, focus
on the last one in which you were employed.)
You recommend the following practices to senior management in the spirit of developing a highly strategic
approach to human resources management…
You should cite information from my CML 2140 course to support your assertions about the current state, and
your ideas and proposals for an improved state.
This whitepaper should be approximately five to seven pages in length. You are to use college level writing
standards and you are to comply with APA formats. Articles used to support your statements should be recent
(since 2008). Please refer to your APA Manual as you prepare this exam.

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