I Have Homework In Excel And I Need Help

I Have Homework In Excel And I Need Help

Shelly Cashman Excel 2016 | Modules 1–3: SAM Capstone Project 1a

C:UsersakellerbeeDocumentsSAM DevelopmentDesignPicturesg11731.pngShelly Cashman Excel 2016 | Modules 1–3: SAM Capstone Project 1a

Campus Fitness Center

modify a service report and create a chart

Open the file SC_EX16_CS1-3a_FirstLastName_1.xlsx, available for download from the SAM website.

Save the file as SC_EX16_CS1-3a_FirstLastName_2.xlsx by changing the “1” to a “2”.

  1. If you do not see the .xlsx file extension in the Save As dialog box, do not type it. The program will add the file extension for you automatically.

With the file SC_EX16_CS1-3a_FirstLastName_2.xlsx still open, ensure that your first and last name is displayed in cell B6 of the Documentation sheet.

· If cell B6 does not display your name, delete the file and download a new copy from the SAM website.

Stella Scott has a work-study position at the fitness center on campus. Her manager has asked her to create a worksheet to keep track of attendance and revenue for the fitness center’s classes.

Open the Class Statistics worksheet. Modify the column widths and row heights as described below:

a. Use AutoFit to change the width of column A to make all the contents visible.

b. Change the row height of row 1 to 42.00 pts.

c. Change the widths of columns B through M to 10.25 characters.

In the merged range A1:M1, apply the formatting options described below:

d. Change the font to Tw Cen MT and the font size to 26 pt.

e. Change the font color to Turquoise, Accent 3, Darker 50% (7th column, 6th row of the Theme Colors palette).

f. Change the fill color of the cell to Turquoise, Accent 3, Lighter 80% (7th column, 2nd row of the Theme Colors palette).

Use Merge Cells to merge the contents of the range A2:M2 and then apply the Heading 1 cell style to the merged range. Format the merged range with the Short Date number format.

Enter the contents in bold shown in Table 1 below into the range C4:G5.

Table 1: Data for Range C4:G5


















Format the cells in the range C5:G5 with the Currency number format with two decimal places.

Apply the following formatting options, as described below:

g. Bold and center the content of cell B4.

h. Use the Format Painter to copy the formatting of cell B4 to the range C4:G4.

i. Use Merge Cells to merge the contents of the range B4:B5.

j. Apply the All Borders border style to the range B4:G5.

Move the content of cell H6 to cell G7 and then apply the formatting options described below:

k. Merge and center the range G7:K7.

l. Apply the fill color Blue, Accent 2, Lighter 60% (6th column, 3rd row of the Theme Colors palette) to the merged range.

Use the September label in cell B8 to fill the range C8:M8 with the months of the year.

In cell B14, use the SUM function to total the values in the range B9:B13. Use the Fill handle to copy the formula from B14 into the range C14:M14.

In January, the hip-hop class is the center’s least attended class, but Stella’s manager hopes to boost attendance so that they can reach their budget goals.

Perform a Goal Seek analysis to determine the number of hip-hop class attendees needed in January (F10) to change the value in cell F14 to 400. (Hint: Cell F10 will be the changing cell.) Keep the results of the Goal Seek Analysis as the new value for cell F10.

In cell B15, use the keyboard to enter a formula that multiplies the value in cell B9 (the number of students attending the cardio class) by the value in cell C5 (the cost of each cardio class). Use an absolute cell reference to cell C5 and a relative reference to cell B9. Copy the formula from cell B15 to the range C15:M15.

Calculate the revenue for the two remaining unfilled classes (Yoga and Zumba) as described below, using absolute references to the cells in the range F5:G5:

m. In cell B18, enter a formula that multiples the value in cell B12 by the value in cell F5. Copy the formula from B18 to the range C18:M18.

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