International Project Management Coursework

Heathrow Terminal 2 is currently being redeveloped as part of the strategic redevelopment of Heathrow Airport. This coursework requires you to write an academic report investigating how the Terminal 2 project is being managed and how it was decided to redevelop Terminal 2 as part of the BAA strategic plan. Both the strategic plan and how Heathrow Airport manages projects has been effected by the recent Terminal 5 project, it is expected that you draw upon this project when discussing the current Terminal 2 project.

Your academic report should be logically structured, making use of headings/sub-headings to help the reader follow your academic arguments.

The academic report should not be longer than 2500 words (excluding the contents page, executive summary/abstract, reference list, TABLES and diagrams). Please note that you can make use of an appendix; this will not however be marked and should only be used to provide support for the main body of the report by providing material that the reader does not have access too. All other materials should be either included in the main body of the report or cited within the report.

Level of achievement

In order to gain a higher mark in this coursework, you need to provide a detailed academic analysis of the programme of development of Heathrow Airport. You should explore the strategy of BAA in terms of Terminal 2 and its project management. You should investigate the project management lessons learnt from Terminal 5 and how this has effected the way that the Terminal 2 project is being managed. It is essential that you explore whether the project will achieve the BAA strategic objectives.

Marking Criterion
Academic discussion about the BAA strategy and how the Terminal 2 project is being used to achieve its strategic objective.
Academic discussion about how the Terminal 2 project is being project managed.
Academic analysis about how project lessons learnt from Terminal 5 has effected how Terminal 2 is being project managed.
Academic analysis about if Terminal 2 will achieve BAA strategic objectives.

Conclusion about the Heathrow Airport development programme, providing a rationale whether the projects within this programme will be a success or a failure in terms of project management.

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