IT Project Management/How to Control Risk Management in Information Technology

Paper details:
paper to be written about how to control risk management. One of the Knowledge areas in IT Project Management

IT Project Management

Term Paper Comments and Guidelines

General Guidance

The requirement for the student to produce a short paper as a portion of the learning process in this course was prompted by two considerations. The first was the ongoing need to apply and improve writing skills. The second was to provide an opportunity for the student to select a project management topic of particular interest and expand their knowledge on that topic. Hopefully, this will allow the student to put their time into investigating aspects of a topic that holds their interest, allowing them to enjoy the effort.

It should be noted, that while the student has latitude as to the final topic selection the instructor has established the following selection parameters. The topic selected must be from one of the ten (10) project management areas presented in the text. That is not to suggest that you must address an entire knowledge area. You will discover that each of the knowledge areas is actually composed of multiple topics within the context of the larger subject area.

Topic Selection Approach

It is recommended that you read the 10 knowledge area chapter summaries to begin to narrow down the topics that interest you most. When you have identified 3 or so that you think are good candidates I suggest you do a little research on each to see what is available and increase your knowledge of that subject matter. Once you have selected a topic you will be required to submit it with a minimum of three (3) research sources, via email to the instructor for approval. When a topic has been approved it can be changed, with the approval of the instructor, at anytime prior to submission.

Paper Perspective

As stated, the basic intent of this assignment is to allow the student to expand their knowledge, beyond that presented in the text, of some aspect of project management. The three required research sources are intended to be the basis for this expanded knowledge. However, it is acceptable and even encouraged that students provide their own editorial comments about the subject area. I m interested to read what you think about what you find. Think of the assignment as an opportunity to learn, think, and respond. Please note that while the textbook may be used as a starting point and reference in your assignment (not one of your three sources) extensive paraphrasing of the chapter material is not recommended and will receive little, if any, credit.

Paper Requirements

The length of the paper can vary, but should be approximately 10 pages and must be page numbered. The reason the length may vary is that writing styles vary greatly. For example, a well-written 10 page paper may cover more material than a poorly written 20 page paper. Consequently, I will evaluate your submission based on the completeness of its level of communication. The font required is Times New Roman with a 12-point pitch. Spacing of text lines will be double WORD default. Text margins will be WORD default. Text justification will be ragged right. Footnotes must be included where appropriate. The footnote style can be in any accepted format, but must allow me to go directly to the source (PAGE NUMBER) of the information referenced.

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