JANE GOODALL/video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTgU-cBr7xg

JANE GOODALL/video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch v=rTgU-cBr7xgPlease copy the following link into your address bar, and watch the video. After viewing the video please complete the questions. Write a paragraph for each question. The questions are attached.

video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch v=rTgU-cBr7xg
1. How was JG research beneficial to science
2. Was it “scientific”
3. Do you notice any potential flaws in JG research
4. Was she an “objective researcher”
5. Was it proper for her to name chimps

Some primatologists have suggested flaws in Goodall’s methodology
which may call into question the validity of her observations.
Goodall used unconventional practices in her study,
for example, naming individuals instead of numbering them.
Why might it have been improper to name chimps
At the time numbering was used to prevent emotional attachment and
loss of objectivity.
Claiming to see individuality and
emotion in chimpanzees,
she was accused of “that worst of ethological sins”,[33] anthropomorphism.
thought by some to have altered normal foraging and feeding patterns as well as social relationships
It has been suggested that higher levels of aggression and conflict with other chimpanzee groups in the area were consequences of the feeding, which could have created the “wars” between chimpanzee social groups described by Goodall,
aspects of which she did not witness in the years before artificial feeding began at Gombe.
Thus, some regard Goodall’s observations as distortions of normal chimpanzee behavior.
Goodall herself acknowledged that feeding contributed to aggression within and between groups but maintained that the effect was limited to alteration of the intensity and not the nature of chimpanzee conflict,
and further suggested that feeding was necessary for the study to be effective at all.

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