Ledger Problems

Ledger Problems

students read and learn. It creates a personalized reading experience by highlighting the most impactful concepts a student needs to learn at that moment in time. As a student engages with SmartBook, the reading experience continu- ously adapts by highlighting content based on what the student knows and doesn’t know. This ensures that the focus is on the content he or she needs to learn, while simultaneously promoting long-term retention of material.

Use SmartBook’s real-time reports to quickly identify the concepts that require more attention from individual students— or the entire class. The end result? Students are more engaged with course content, can better prioritize their time, and come to class ready to participate.


Tailored to You. Online Assignments Connect Accounting helps students learn more efficiently by pro- viding feedback and practice material when they need it, where they need it. Connect grades homework automatically and gives immediate feedback on any questions students may have missed. Our assignable, gradable end-of-chapter content includes a gen- eral journal application that looks and feels more like what you would find in a general ledger software package. Also, select ques- tions have been redesigned to test students’ knowledge more fully. They now include tables for students to work through rather than requiring that all calculations be done off-line. McGraw-Hill’s redesigned student interface provides a real-world feel to interactive assignments and end-of-chapter assessment content. This robust accounting software allows for flexibility in learning styles and provides opportunities for courses to be delivered in traditional, online, and blended settings.

General Ledger Problems New General Ledger problems for select questions enable students to see how transactions post from the general journal all the way through the financial statements. It provides a much-improved experience for students working with account-

ing cycle questions. Students’ work in the general journal is automati- cally posted to the ledger, navigation is much simpler, scrolling is no longer an issue, and students can easily link back to their original en- tries simply by clicking the ledger if edits are needed. Many questions now have critical thinking components added, to maximize students’ foundational knowledge of accounting concepts and principles.


Interactive Presentations Interactive Presentations provide engaging narratives of all chapter learning objectives in an assignable interactive online format. They follow the structure of the text and are organized to match the specific learning objectives within each chapter. While the Interactive Presentations are not meant to replace the textbook, they provide ad-

ditional explanation and enhance- ment of material from the text chapter, allowing students to learn, study, and practice at their own pace, with instant feedback.

Guided Examples The Guided Examples in Connect Accounting provide a narrated, animated, step-by-step walk- through of select exercises simi- lar to those assigned. These short presentations, which can be turned on or off by instruc- tors, provide reinforcement when students need it most.

Excel Simulations Simulated Excel questions, assignable within Connect Accounting, allow stu- dents to practice their Excel skills—such as basic formulas and formatting— within the context of accounting. These questions feature animated, narrated Help and Show Me tutorials (when enabled), as well as automatic feedback and grading for both students and professors.

Easy to Use. Proven Effective. McGraw-Hill CONNECT ACCOUNTING Features

Simple Assignment Management and Smart Grading With Connect Accounting, creating assignments is easier than ever, enabling in- structors to spend more time teaching and less time managing. Simple assignment management and smart grading allow you to:

• Create and deliver assignments easily with selectable end-of-chapter questions and Test Bank items.

• Have assignments scored automatically, giving students immediate feedback on their work and side-by-side comparisons with correct answers.

• Access and review each response, manually change grades, or leave comments for students to review.

• Reinforce classroom concepts with practice assignments and instant quizzes and exams.

Powerful Instructor and Student Reports Connect Accounting keeps instructors informed about how each student, section, and class is performing, allowing for more productive use of lecture and office hours. The progress-tracking function enables you to:

• View scored work immediately and track individual or group performance with assignment and grade reports.

• Access an instant view of student or class performance relative to learning objectives.

• Collect data and generate reports required by many accreditation organizations, such as AACSB and AICPA.


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For more information about Connect Accounting, go to http://connect.mheducation.com, or contact your local McGraw-Hill Higher Education representative.

Connect Insight The first and only analytics tool of its kind, McGraw-Hill Connect® Insight is a series of visual data displays—each framed by an intuitive question—to pro- vide at-a-glance information about how your class is doing. Connect Insight provides a quick analysis on five key insights, available at a moment’s notice from your tablet device:

• How are my students doing? • How are my assignments going? • How is my section doing? • How is this assignment going? • How is this student doing?

Instructor Library The Connect Accounting Instructor Library is a repository for additional resources to improve student engagement in and out of class. You can select and use any asset that enhances your lecture. The Connect Accounting Instructor Library includes:

• Presentation slides. • Test Bank. • Animated PowerPoint exhibits and exercises. • Instructor’s Resource Manual. • Solutions Manual.

The Connect Accounting Instructor Library also allows you to upload your own files.

Tailored to You. Other Technology Offered by McGraw-Hill Tegrity Campus: Lectures 24/7

Tegrity Campus is a service that makes class time available 24/7 by automatically capturing every lecture. With a simple one-click start-and-stop process, you capture all computer screens and cor- responding audio in a format that is easily searchable, frame by frame. Students can replay any

part of any recorded class with easy-to-use browser-based viewing on a PC, Mac, or mobile device. Help turn your students’ study time into learning moments immediately supported by your lecture. With Tegrity Campus, you also increase intent listening and class participation by easing students’ concerns about note-taking. To learn more about Tegrity, watch a two-minute Flash demo at http://tegritycampus.mhhe.com.

McGraw-Hill Campus McGraw-Hill Campus® is a new one-stop teaching and learning experience available to users of any learning management system. This institutional service allows faculty and students to enjoy single sign-on (SSO) access to all McGraw-Hill Higher Education materials, including the award-

winning McGraw-Hill Connect platform, from directly within the institution’s website. To learn more about McGraw-Hill Campus, visit http://mhcampus.mhhe.com.

Custom Publishing through Create McGraw-Hill CreateTM is a self-service website that allows instructors to create custom course materials by drawing upon McGraw-Hill’s comprehensive, cross-disciplinary content. Instructors can add their own content quickly and easily and tap into other rights-secured, third-party sources as well, then arrange the content in a way that makes the most sense for their course. Through Create, you can: • Combine material from different sources and even upload your own content. • Personalize your product with the course name and information. • Choose the best format for your students—color print, black-and-white print, or eBook. • Edit and update your course materials as often as you’d like. Begin creating now at www.mcgrawhillcreate.com.

ALEKS: A Superior, Student-Friendly Accounting Experience Artificial intelligence: Fills knowledge gaps. Cycle of learning and assessment: Increases learning momentum and engages students. Customizable curriculum: Aligns with your course syllabi and textbooks. Dynamic, automated reports: Monitors detailed student and class progress. To learn more, visit www.aleks.com/highered/business.

CourseSmart CourseSmart is a way for faculty to find and review eTextbooks. It’s also a great option for students who are interested in accessing their course materials digitally and saving money. CourseSmart offers thousands of the most commonly adopted textbooks across hundreds of courses from a wide variety of higher education publishers. With the CourseSmart eTextbook,

students can save up to 45 percent off the cost of a print book, reduce their impact on the environment, and access pow- erful web tools for learning. CourseSmart is an online eTextbook, which means users access and view their textbook online when connected to the Internet. Students can also print sections of the book for maximum portability. CourseSmart eTextbooks are available in one standard online reader with full text search, notes and highlighting, and e-mail tools for sharing notes between classmates. For more information on CourseSmart, go to www.coursesmart.com.


McGraw-Hill Customer Experience Group Contact Information At McGraw-Hill, we understand that getting the most from new technology can be challenging. That’s why our services don’t stop after you purchase our products. You can contact our Product Specialists 24 hours a day to get product train- ing online. Or you can search the knowledge bank of Frequently Asked Questions on our support website. For customer support, call 800-331-5094 or visit www.mhhe.com/support.

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