Lexical Decision CogLab

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Complete the Lexical Decision CogLab that you can find under Language.

In the Lexical Decision Lab a string of letters is presented (i.e., words and nonwords). When the string of letters are words they are either associated (i.e., semantically similar, or similar in meaning) or unrelated (not semantically similar, or not similar in meaning). The task of the participants is to decide as fast as possible (i.e., reaction times) if a string of letters is a word or not.

1. Compare your reaction times in the associated word condition with your reaction times in the unrelated word condition Which one is faster (10 points)

2. The expected result is faster responses for the associated word condition than for the unrelated word condition. Explain this expected result in terms of lexical priming (i.e., semantic or conceptual priming). Use the knowledge you already have of semantic priming. In addition, on page 302 of your textbooks Under “METHOD Lexical Priming” you can find more information about lexical (i.e., semantic or conceptual priming). (10 points)

3. Why someone may obtain results that are not consistent with the expected results (you can speculate a little bit about the reasons). (10 points).

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