Linux Basics

Linux Basics

Answer in 1 paragraph for each question:

what is the Internet Connection Firewall (ICF), please provide the details, purpose and how do you configure the Utility

what are the different types of Viruses Viruses execute in the same manner by attaching to a system, e.g. hardware, firmware, software are the different categories.

what are the popular shells for Linux computers, list at least 3 and discuss how they differ

describe the following commands in details and provide at least an example of each: more; less; pwd; dir; ls

Which do you think is more critical to the overall project success, allocation or availability of resources

What does a company do when all projects in consideration are of equal priority For example, at a start up company, when so many projects are needed to assist the


Do you agree that the IT manager should build in overspend for unexpected situations. Also, is there a general rule of thumb to assess how much those budgeted monies

should be

How do most IT managers prevent budgetary losses for monies that are considered surplus in the previous years budget

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