LITERATURE) Analyze Othello by William Shakespeare.

LITERATURE) Analyze Othello by William Shakespeare.

3-4 pages. 4 pages are better. (still, Quality over quantity)

Prompts are attached. Just choose 1 out of 5 prompts that you think you could write your best and message me which prompt you are answering.

Need many evidence and citations from the actual book. For example: Act, Scene, Lines -> (I;ii;54-63)

Make sure you are familiar with the story and please convince me by briefly telling me what the story is about

Final Exam W. Shakespeare Othello
1. Discuss the significance of numerous demeaning and humiliating references to Othello by Iago, Brabantio and Roderigo in Act I. Othello is a powerful and

respected general in Venetian army. Why do these men use so many descriptive insults Considering which characters speak the racist lines, explicate whether or not

Shakespeare sustains or challenges the pre-existing Elizabethan attitudes regarding race.
2. What motivates Iago How does he create a play within a play through his carefully implemented strategy Why is he able to manipulate each character in a

particular way
3. Compare and contrast Othello and Iago. Analyze how one character could possibly mirror/reflect the personality of the other, in good ways and bad. To what

extent can Iago be considered an “exteriorization” of some aspects of Othello’s consciousness What specific strategy does Iago apply to convince Othello over time
4. Discuss Othello as a character. What are his strengths and weaknesses What is the source of his power What is his ���tragic flaw��� in your opinion
5. Every character in Othello seems to be balanced at least by one other contrasting character. Desdemona is balanced by her opposite, Iago – love and concern

for others at one end of the scale, hatred and obsession with self-interest at the other. In other ways, her chastity may also be contrasted to Emilia���s ���practical

views��� of human nature and femininity. Choose a pair of characters and discuss the particular balances and opposites that they reveal.

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