Choose a market that you are familiar with but it needs to be outside European Union. Preferably you are able to
understand and read the language.
Write a scientific article style report (market research) on the chosen market. Remain objective and use
theoretical reference where appropriate. Use the given template found in Optima. This report is covering the IPP
project, write at least 8 10 pages of text. The report has to cover all relevant information available. Use
attachments where possible.
This report is to deliver market information to Turku University of Applied Sciences on Online IB education
offered in the future. The report should focus on Bachelor Level Business Programs. The report should analyze
the chosen market: availability of online education, prices, companies/ schools offering programs, partnerships.
Short descriptions of the product: price, study time and main content (focus of the studies i.e. marketing,
financing), and the form of attained certificate (degree, diploma, other).
The final paper will be run through Turnitin to avoid plagiarism and collusion
Referencing and list of references according to Havard style. It should contain the appropriate citations in texts
of each paragraph and a full list of references.
The evaluation criteria:
Correct professional business language (not English grammar, but professionalism of chosen words etc.)
Connection of international marketing with the market research for TUAS.
Use a minimum of two other academically qualified references in addition to the course book, preferable more.
Concentrated handling of the topic, ability to keep the handling in the relevant things yet not leaving anything
important out.
The presentation and choice of relevant information useful for Turku University of Applied Sciences.

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