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This assignment is worth 10% of your final mark. It is due before 4pm on Friday 8 April, 2016. An approximate word count is 500 words – not including references, reference list, and reflection. Laboratory work from weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6 will provide all the information you need to complete this assignment. The Methods section informs the reader how the study was conducted, what materials and equipment were used, and who the participants were. You will start this assignment after you have designed your study and will need to be completed after you have collected the last of your data (because it includes information about your participants). The methods section is usually made up of three sections (using these headings in this): Participants – all relevant characteristics of participants, i.e. all those characteristics that could affect your DV in patterns similar to IV effects. Include their average age and sex ratios even if not expected to be confounding factors. Describe sampling method and recruitment procedure Materials and Instruments – this includes information about equipment and software used, and stimuli (ie, what did you show participants How were stimulus lists constructed ) Please append examples of your Power point slides to the assignment! (print as 6-slide horizontal handouts) Procedure – description of what was actually done with or to participants (what, where, for how long, summary of instructions given) in enough detail to allow replication by others. Specify instructions given for both study phase and test phase More information about what should be included in the methods section will be provided in the tutorials. Also, a chapter (“Writing Reports”) from O’Shea and McKenzie (2013: pp18-57) will be available on AUTOnline and has detailed information about what should be included in a methods section

syc assignment one.

How music/background noise affects memory retention of words or short stories.

Says minimum of 3 factors so we can add one if we choose

Noise cancellation headwear. ( Earplugs or earmuffs)
Metal/heavy rock music (through headphones)
Classic music (through headphones)

Participants will answer simple questions regarding the content of the stories or lists of names.

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