MKT 5125: Marketing Decision Making/ Case Analysis Framework

PACADI Case Analysis Format
Marketing Decision Making *
Situation analysis prepare a brief two to three paragraph situation analysis highlighting key facts of the case. This is attached as an appendix.
Problem definition what is the major challenge, problem, opportunity, decision, etc. that has to be made. If there is more than one problem, focus on the most important one. Often when solving the most important problem, other problems will surface and be addressed.
Alternatives identification and discussion of alternative decisions to address problem definition. (generally 3-5 alternatives)
Criteria list of key decision criteria that will guide the decision making. These Include marketing criteria such as segment or target, positioning, advertising, sales, distribution and other marketing criteria relevant to the case.
Include any financial criteria useful in evaluating the alternatives. These could include impact on an income statement, customer lifetime value, payback and any other financial criteria relevant to the case. Include your rationale for the selection of decision criteria and weights/importance for each.
Analysis provide an analysis of each alternative based on the decision criteria above.
Decision-your decision recommendation for the proposed solution of the problem. This decision is based on your analysis of the decision criteria. Explain why the decision made is the best fit to the criteria.
Implementation plan List the key steps and requirements to implement the recommendation, sequence and timetable, expected competitive reaction, metrics to measure success, unplanned for costs, and any risks in the plan.

Your task is to provide a 3-4 page, single-spaced PACADI case decision analysis (appendices beyond situation analysis may be added).
You must provide headings for each section.

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