Model for Adult Learning

Model for Adult Learning

You are the director of adult education and training in a mid-size company. Recently, your supervisor has noticed the overall performance of one unit has declined significantly in the last few months. Consequently, your supervisor has inquired as to how you would go about improving the performance of this specific unit. Based upon this observation, you have decided to analyze this problem by using a systems view approach based upon the human performance technology (HPT) model.

Explain how the HPT model can be used to stem this decline in performance. Include all of the following:

Part 1

Discuss how you will use the HPT model to effectively analyze the problem.
Identify data and information needed to support the decision-making process.
Relate the HPT model to adult learning environments.
Evaluate the HPT model in designing instruction for adults.
2-3 References/citations correctly APA format for Master Program (GRADS)

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