There is some topic my classmates choose:
1.I want to analyze Ceremony and write more on the healing process of a ceremony, or a person’s way of coping;
as well as writing about various Native American’s opinions on what has happened to them, and their personal
take on the effect it has had.
2.Since I was born in the region of the pacific northwest, and have always loved that area, I want to do a paper
on a tribe/tribes that lived in that area. I will probably end up having a particular focus as well, such as
spiritually or ceremonies/practices
3.My topic is reparations
The only way America can repair the broken bond between Native Americans and nonNatives is to provide
monetary, land, educational, and governmental reparations.
4.Explore the history and problems of the Native American ”blood quantum” rule and how it affects Native
Americans’ access to government assistance and tribal benefits

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