newgrange vs the great pyramid

newgrange vs the great pyramid
Write a 6-page, double-spaced compare and contrast essay that investigates how two structures(newgrange vs the great pyramid) from
two different period styles illustrate a particular theme in architecture.(This theme is your thesis statement.)
The structures you chose MUST correlate with the time, cultures, and period styles covered in this course.
Your paper must include the following components:•Introduction paragraph with a clear, controlling idea (thesis
statement) and building identification: names of the structures, architect(if known), building materials, and period
Descriptive visual analysis of EACH of your two buildings•Comparative structure (to compare is to discuss how the
images are similar, and to contrast is to discuss how the images are different). This should include discussion
of both a visual compare and contrast,and a cultural compare and contrast•
Conclusion (summarize your argument and connect to greater idea)•Works Cited Page: a separate page of sources
inMLA style formatting (use at least 3 sources)
Academic Sources: Use at least3 sources–but feel free to use more!Your research focus depends on which
two structures you pick and your thesis statement (the argument you want to say about these two buildings).
Your research MUST BE academic -so NO BLOGS or WIKIPEDIA!I recommend you avoid any website that ends
in “.com.”Look for websites that end in “.edu”

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