Nurse Interpreters

to create a law base in my project Clinical Nurse Interpreter (you can change the name to something better)

dont forget about the education of he person to learn sign language

every article from the law have to have a explanation, dont let the law subject to interpretation.

Research Existing Legislation
Research any previous legislation on the issue that is the subject of your bill. This could include laws in your own state, laws in other states, and federal laws regarding similar issues. For example, a law in one state banning the sale of fireworks might be a model for a similar law in your state. If you do find laws in other states similar to the law you want, try to find out how effective such laws have been.

Find Relevant Background Information
Look up background information pertaining to your issue. For example, if you wanted to write a bill to provide incentives for keeping businesses in the state, relevant background information might include unemployment rates, corporate taxes and data about businesses moving out of the state.
Begin with the Preamble
Begin the bill with a preamble, briefly explaining the reasons behind the bill. Since a bill should be presented as a legal document, clauses should begin with “Whereas,” followed by the reason.

Write the Body of the Bill
Write the body of the bill. This should be broken into sections, with each section outlining a specific provision of the bill. For example, the first section might be the name of the bill, and each section that follows it would be a single piece of the bill.

Finish with an Enactment Clause
Finish the bill with an enactment clause, which can be a section of the body of the bill. This states when the bill would take effect if it is passed.




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