On The Importance of BBurial Insurance)

On The Importance of BBurial Insurance)Paper details:

Give a persuasive speech put together. . there should be 3 main points please include the price of my main points. I need the connection of my main points to smoothly. I need some statistics how many people dies and do not have funeral arrangement or burial insurance ,but keep it simply. at the end of my speech I want my audience that is young and old to be inform about funeral arrangement and the importance for having burial insurance. the conclusion will be a summary of the 3 main points, restate thesis 10 words next is to call to action ( Think different, Be specific) ask the class to take funeral arrangement serious. Using your own words. Closure, Need to be motivationally grab the audience. need to be clear that my speech has ended. I want them to go home and talk about this speech to their family. PLEASE KEEP MY SPEECH SIMPLY BUT WITH GOOD IMFORMATION.

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