Organizational Leadership 4

Organizational Leadership 4
Learning Activity 1
Jillian Dorn, was made Captain of the USS John Paul Jones. She worked hard for her new post and rank. Having served on several ships over the last twenty five years, Dorn was known for being tough but fair in her approach to her subordinates. She was civil to everyone but a loner to her fellow officers and remote in her dealings with others. Fearful that should would not be treated with respect and determined that she would be obeyed in her command, Dorn became over attentive to her officers and micromanaged everyone from the lowest seaman to her immediate second in command. She penalized and put on report people for the smallest infraction. The USS John Paul Jones whose serving personnel had the best morale in the fleet went to the most demoralized and unresponsive crew. When the ship docked almost half the ship had asked for immediate transfers. Dorn was called to task by her superiors immediately. They said that they would give her one more chance with the crew but if the reports continued within one month she would be demoted and removed from the ship. Scared and worried for her career she comes to you to ask for help. How would you assess the situation What would you tell her to do Analyze how the Captain might go about changing her leadership style if given a new ship. Take into consideration his personality traits, the organizational values, emotional intelligence and social leadership aspects of her role as leader. In short make her a new woman that the men would want to follow.

Learning Activity 2
Take one of the short personality and emotional IQ tests located in the toolbox or in the weekly schedule and comment to the class about what it taught you about yourself. Include in your comments the types of jobs you might be best suited to hold as well as ways to change or improve your personality to make it easier to assume some of the leadership traits we have discussed.

Theme two is the importance of creating a leadership style.
Learning Activity 3
“The standard of a true leader is that he sets also his own rules rather than merely and blindly obeying the set of standard rules, even if it means being treated as an idiot or a crazy by the fools. And to follow his noble dream to attain his cherished goal, he employs his wisdom tool gained from his own hard core experience in an open school called life Anuj Somany
Take the “What is your leadership style assessment” found in the reading for this week. Explain your results and comment on how you can improve or create a style that will enhance your chances to be a successful 21st century leader.

Part Two: creating a leadership style that includes a moral compass.
“Doing the right thing is more important than doing the thing right.”- Peter Drucker
Using Drucker’s quote as a guide take the moral compass assessment in the toolbox and comment. Explain your results and comment on how you can improve or create a moral compass that will enhance your chances to be a successful 21st century leader

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