OYE-mutant, Clone #566 and Ax2 wild-type D. discoideum exhibit different developmental stages in starving conditions

your job is to turn file#1 rough draft into a complete draft by following the guidelines in file#3 also review file#2 notes

Think about how to connect File#1 to a story so you reader can understand. Remember This is new science my class is doing some of these experiments for the first time ever on the cell lines that we are using. It is OK for the answer to be the cell lines are not different from wild type . Your data needs to support your conclusion.

File#1 needs some organization. Separating it into separate classic paragraphs with a topic sentence will help. Each assay/experiment. Each mutant need a paragraph . Dictyostelium discoideum as a model system need a paragraph.

Questions you must answer in this paper
1.Why are we doing these assays/experiment with these mutants
2.What is each of the assays going to tell us about cellular function
3.Is there a logical reason to ask these questions about a myosin mutant
4.What is the relative localization of DNA vs actin
5.Does the localization of the two probes overlap Is there any signal cross-talk between
the two fluorescent probes If not, why not If so, why so
6.Does the pattern of fluorescence differ from cell to cell What does the negative
control tell you about the Dictyostelium auto-fluorescence

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