paper 2

Paper details:The emergence of totalitarian ideologies in the 1920s did not bode well for world peace, as demonstrated by international developments in the 1930s and 1940s. Consider the impact earlier ideas had on these violent ideologies as you analyze documents 20.1 (Mein Kampf) and 20.2 (Cardinal Principles of the National Entity of Japan), and visual source 20.5 in our textbook. How might the authors of the two documents have responded to the visual source What are the strengths and weaknesses of the two documents To what extent do you think the two documents paved the way for later developments What could have been done to prevent the public’s embrace of these ideologies These are only some of the issues you need to analyze in your paper. Be sure to discuss the global context as well. Finally, apply your critical thinking skills to determine what grade you think Hitler’s article would have received in this class. Explain your answer.
Read chapter 20 in our textbook and use it as a secondary source for your paper (not more than 2-3 footnotes). You need to emphasize analysis of the documents and the visual source in your paper, but you also need to place them in context.
The minimum length of the paper is three full pages of text in addition to a separate title page and a separate bibliography. The format is the same as that for paper 1. It is your responsibility to make sure that you use a software program that allows you to upload your paper to Blackboard. Do not wait until the due date to find out whether there is a software problem. Late papers will not be accepted. You need to finish your paper a couple of days before the due date to ensure that any problems can be addressed, so that the paper can be uploaded in a timely fashion. You need to upload an electronic copy of your paper to Blackboard and bring a hard copy to class on April 14.
I will send the paper which you did last tow weeks ago and I got a bad degree . There is some commons about the paper please see that before you work in this paper . I will sent to your email . Please use the primary sources in the textbook and the textbook itself as a secondary source. No other sources are required. just the textbook (ways of the world Robert W. Strayer)

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