pathophysiology: Galen (Case Study B)

Galen had just celebrated his 6-month birthday. He and his parents had recently moved to a new city. His mother, Joan, brought him to a nearby pediatrician s office for a well-infant exam. Joan mentioned something she wondered about: Galen appeared to have only one testicle. Galen s former pediatrician had said the other testicle would eventually descend, but Joan was now wondering why it hadn t yet. Joan didn t know of any history of problems with genital development on either side of the family. She had used alcohol moderately during pregnancy, and had gestational diabetes while she was carrying Galen. She had never smoked in her life.


By what age would the testicle often descend without treatment
What are interventional options for the eventuality that the testicle does not descend on its own.

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