performance appraisal system in your work environment/human resources

I work at a dialysis clinic it asks to Review the performance appraisal system in your work environment. please email with questions if you need to.

Wk4 – Performance Appraisal Review

Review the performance appraisal system in your work environment by describing the type of system used, at least 2 rating errors that can occur and at least three ways to improve the system based upon the readings. Be sure to mention the type of rater training for managers as one of your ways to improve the system.

The paper should not exceed one page. This is an individual assignment submitted to the instructor. This assignment will receive a letter grade and be worth a maximum of 10 points.

Please read this websites before doing this assignment

1. Performance Appraisal Methods
There are various methods, approaches, and goals of performance appraisals. Review the following information to learn more and use this information to respond to one of the discussion questions this week and also in your written assignment.

2. Performance Appraisal Rating Errors
As hard as managers try to be objective in assessing others performance, it is human nature to hold biases that may unintentionally influence ratings. Following is information the Dartmouth College Human Resources department uses to inform their managers on rating errors along with how to avoid them. Again, use this information in responses to one of this week s discussion question and in your written assignment.

This article goes over some of the same errors, but also discusses how to mitigate (minimize) them:

Rater Training
As another means for lessening rater bias and increasing accuracy, companies can provide training to raters. Read about the different types of training and research on their effectiveness in the following article. Again, use this information to support your comments in this week s discussion and in your assignment on ways to improve your own organization s performance appraisal system.

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