Personal Philosophy Of My Religion.

Paper details:
Write a 700-1000 word essay describing your personal philosophy of religion. Your essay should reflect elements of this course, including elements from the textbook, assigned reading, and on-line learning. You must address at least the following themes:

a. What role religion plays — or does not play — in your life;

b. How did you go about choosing the particular religion or faith tradition that you embrace

c. In light of your personal religious convictions (or lack of them), how do you relate to those of other faiths

d. How does religion, as you understand and experience it now, shape and influence your expectations on how you will serve as a healthcare professional

Your essay must be your original work, and must reflect your own experience and understandings of religion. If you use references or quotations, be sure to provide proper citations using acceptable standards of style for footnotes and endnotes. Your essay will be judged for its originality in expressing your personal views and reflecting your personal life journey.

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