Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering
Subject: Engineering

Comment: Regarding the reference style, it has to be exactly like the journal paper sample that I sent. I can send it again if you like no problem. There adjustments to be made such as:
the abstract part: it should rewritten in a way that it will express the paper’s idea in a concise manner.
The introduction part: It should talk about the problem and the literature review. and thediscussion and the conclusion. Basically it should be exactly like that Journal paper sample.
The English language need to be very professional – It has to be the same format as the journal format – It has to look original to be accepted in that journal – all the colors in the graphs need to be changed to other colors to look different than previous papers and the graphs should not stand alone like I did in my paper but it has to be within the discussion.
The formulas has to be written not just copied.

This paper is derived from a previous PhD, and I have attached the file before, its called Asph Wellbore Model. Chapter 8 section 4

Please let me know what you think and if any additional information is needed.

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