Principles of Management

Principles of Management
Provide comprehensive essay answers to each of the following questions; PPT diagrams and other graphics can be used to illustrate your text answers as needed. This assignment is due by 3pm on Thursday, March 9th without fail via Canvas submission in the assignment section of this module.
1.) Conduct a comprehensive P-3 Analysis (the triad of process, product and people) to an existing company that You did not discussed in class or Canvas, a non-profit entity, or an organization of your own innovation. (40 points) 2.) Conduct a SWOT Analysis on the organization selected in Question 1 or any of the other team enterprises besides your team’s enterprise, or a state or city of your choice assuming the office of Governor or Mayor. (15 points) 3.) You have been individually assigned with the planning and execution of three specific strategic initiatives from one of the other team enterprises or an entity used in the previous two questions. Delineate each of the three – possibly using an aegis – to include why it is important, how you intend to make it a reality and how you would move from “general to specific” with targeted, purposed tactics and actions. (15 points) 4.) Considering the communication text in The Midterm Project Canvas Module, select and delineate a set of C-Factors (e.g., clarity, change, candor, etc.) and other concepts in that text that you believe are essential to management and organizational effectiveness. (15 points) 5.) You have been invited back to your high school to present a quick seminar on how to prepare and deliver an effective group presentation. Considering our class team enterprise presentations and evaluations, as well as our presentation guide apparent in The Midterm Project Canvas Module, what five elements would be centric to your seminar (15 points)
    d. Inheritance

Q46. The Scrum master sets the project schedule and assigns tasks.
    a. true
    b. false

Q47. The quality of the code is always higher in a pair-programming environment.
    a. true
    b. false

Q48. The first release-level activity in an XP development approach is ____.
    a. performing acceptance testing
    b. creating acceptance tests
    c. planning a series of iterations
    d. dividing code units among teams

Q49. ____ is a philosophy and set of guidelines for developing software in an unknown, rapidly changing environment.
    a. SOAP
    b. Pair programming
    c. Agile Development
    d. Refactoring

Q50. In XP, release-level activities occur once during each development project.

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