Public Policy (Akron Tow Ordinance)

Public Policy (Akron Tow Ordinance)
Subject: Public Policy

Here is my material: City of Akron, Ohio

1) Draft Completed so far – not much data in draft and was advised of poor paper structure. Needs to be in APA format. Please see notes attachment for missing topic areas. Need a lot of financial information for analysis, ie City budget, revenue, general fund accounts, and police department budget and expensive. The topic of the paper is if the City of Akron, Ohio would benefit from a new tow ordinance where the tow companies split proceeds or Akron creates an impound yard for towed vehicle, while local tow companies would tow vehicle to lot for a fee.
2) Notes – What needs to be put into paper. Focus heavily on financials and customer perspective
3) 2015 Tow Data for the Police Department

There are great internet examples of local city and police financials that have impound lots and how they are financed. Data Analysis is very important.

The main idea is to compare the main idea to see which is more beneficial to the City of Akron Ohio and its residents. The draft that was attach is a working draft that needed the information from the notes document inputted. The flow of the paper needs work. Here is more material for you.

City of Canton and City of Cleveland are great sources of information, due to their accessible financial statements and operation of impound lot. A lot of resources are located in draft reference section.

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