Real Estate Case Study/Redeveloping Unilever House

Read the Redeveloping Unilever House case study and answer the below questions.

You are required to write at least 3 pages (font: 12; line spacing: 2).

Using the Nourse and Roulac (1993) model, identify the overall strategic driving force and primary real estate strategies for UNILEVER. What recommendations can you make, based on this model, for the decision to move vs. stay What recommendations can you make regarding other operational real estate decision

Research the global UNILEVER vision. How can it be reflected in the building s design

How can a building such as the UNILEVER house and workplace environments in it affect corporate culture, collaboration, innovation and ultimately economic value Provide recommendations for a suitable office workplace design for UNILEVER employees.

Beside financial and HR considerations, are there any marketing and branding considerations to support the redevelopment of the historic UNILEVER house Discuss.

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