reflection chapter/Chapter 16 by Dr. Jones

Chapter 16 by Dr. Jones have been very educational to me, I have acquired a lot of things about humanizing online learning that will be useful in the future

online learning should give teachers the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for informed professional decision making (Jones,2010)

In the world today, technology is used in many fields of science such as medicine or engineering to improve the quality of life. However, I think there is a slow stride in the system of education to catch up with the fast developments occurring in our world. So it’s great when we find appropriate technology to improve the education system during use of tools, creativity, social networking.
There are a lot of studies and scientific research related to education issues, curriculum and instruction, teacher issues produced within universities in order to ensure the arrival of the latest research and current practices in education for the teacher who practices the profession of teaching in the schools, we need the fastest ways to make the change that helps us to change education and get high quality professional learning (PL). So I think that online learning should integrated into the course work or learning environments.

One of the useful examples for integration online learning in education process is online course established by Dr. Jones for teachers who are teaching students with Severe IDD. this course allowed teachers to extend their knowledge and share their experince during online meeting and face to face meeting. I liked the use of introductory video for the course because that provide the opportunity for teacher to accept the instructor in the role of guiding and directing their learning and allowed the teachers to learn how to access the technological resources and learn the content in the course. Also providing video in Module Two are indeed vital for learning because allowed teachers to shedding light on historical and legal perspectives of curriculum models for students with severe IDD.

“ many teachers of students with severe IDD often feel isolated from their colleagues” (Jones,2010)

Lack of communication interaction between teachers with students with Severe IDD
and general education teachers can cause to feel isolated, decreasing motivation. This of course help them to achieve course objectives when they feel part of a larger community through interaction with colleagues and the instructor.

I was impressed by facilitate content and personal learning spaces that provided in five modules and seven stages in module two. This course gave teachers the opportunity to read the current articles and studies related to field and write reflection that gives teachers the opportunity to be more close to the field for the benefit of understanding the needs of their students. also share experiences and challenges between teachers through humanizing online learning will contribute to the positive impact on the cooperation between teachers within the school.

To continue to prepare the teacher is essential, because the teacher’s like any profession needs to continue to learn and gain new knowledge. And not to be satisfied with what he had learned in the past. Therefore, such a course offered by Jones contribute to the development of teacher capabilities.

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