Reflective Analysis

Reflective AnalysisOrder Instructions:
Evaluate your contribution to the team process and the final written submission using specific examples from your experiences. Reflect on course readings, theories, models and learning throughout the term to develop a well-established reflection. Review grading rubrics.

Your submission should be 6-8 pages double spaced, 12-point font and include a cover page and references using APA format. A well-developed paper will have an introduction, body with subheadings, and conclusion.

Consider the following in your reflection:

-Did you consistently exhibit behaviors and skills required in a successful 21st-century organization and team

-How were your behaviors adaptive, confident, dynamic, and prepared to work in an uncertain environment

-How did your behaviors exhibit your strengths, overcome threats and weaknesses, and take advantage of opportunities

-On the basis of your experience in this course, what will you do differently in your next team assignment

(I did a group case assignment before. In our group, Everyone is simply responsible for their part of job that choose by each person. We have five person.The case include five part, they are problem, analysis, alternatives, recommendation and implementation. I was responsible for the implementation part. the person who did the analysis also did the problem part. so 4 people written the case and the remaining one do consistency. The title of our case is “Coach K: A heart of matter”. Our text book is ” Canadian organization behavior”. We have learned chapter 1 to 9 excepting chapter 8.)

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