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Make sure the Responses includes the Following: (a) an understanding of the weekly content as supported by a scholarly resource, (b) the provision of a probing question. (c) stay on topic

1) I agree that there is a lot of evolution that occurs when there are adaptions that are made within a company. There can be a lot of accomplishments that are made through evolution. What do you believe is the most important thing in order for evolution to occur?

2) I am curious to know what you think about how revolution is considered causing a disruption? So would revolution cause the chaos and evolution causes the order? What are your thoughts on that? Does revolution kind of force people to come up with different ideas since it happens so fast? Having that balance is essential though. If you live in constant chaos it is hard to really experience anything to its fullest. If you live in order you don’t really give yourself a chance to deviate from the norm and make room for new ideas.

3) They are both equally important to having a successful business. Each on of these factors plays into one another, and what I mean by that is they help to keep each other in line. Much like in a relationship, where two different people help to balance each other out (Gibson, 2008). While balance and consistency are good to have for the quality assurance of products and service, to much balance in a company would get boring. That’s why a little bit of chaos is necessary. Some chaos can encourage good business practices, and innovation, as we discussed last week. The same goes for evolution and revolution. Companies need to evolve with the times and adapt to any changes in the marketplace. In an article from the GCU library, they state that everyone should be involved in the innovation process to help encourage business (Gibson, 2008). As a business manager for a popular restaurant chain, I am always looking for new ideas from team members, which is why i am a very hands on type of manager, because it helps me to create the kind of culture and assure that the product is what I want to put out. I look forward to hearing all of your responses to this discussion post tonight.

4) Chaos and order together may seem contradictory, but together they complement each other. In the business world, chaos is a natural part of business and is inevitable, however what you do with it is what truly makes a difference (Zolezzi, 2018). The ability to organize chaos or balancing chaos and order can be accredited to a successful business model. The ability to create order out of chaos is paramount to the success of not only businesses but everyday life as well. It ensures growth and progress are made, not just in a comfortable environment but in one that challenges. Evolution and Revolution again may seem contradictory, however there two together can create productive change. Evolution refers to something or someone that changes over time, good or bad. Many different factors contribute to evolution but it is synonymous with gradual change over time. Unlike evolution, revolution is more abrupt, tumultuous and signifies a change. A revolution affects a large group and commonly has drastic consequences. However, like evolution it is inevitable and takes skill to balance the two. The ability to balance evolution and revolution is vital because it will create easier transitions.

5) I agree that organizations need to maintain flexibility as constant change is happening every day, consider the evolution of technology and how it has changed over the years. In fact, this reminds me of Amazon, particularly, ‘Amazon Prime’.

When Amazon Prime was introduced, and I was one of those individuals who said “what is Amazon thinking? There is no way it will last for long.” Well, I was apparently wrong and now I am a member, recognizing the value of what they offer – particularly the perks and streaming. I must say that Amazon Prime today is not the same as when it was first introduced and that is because executives were not afraid to take risks and were willing find innovative ways to improve the platform, its services, and now their streaming content of Music and Video. This evolution is a great example of how this division of Amazon created and sustains a culture of innovation.

Netflix moving more into producing motion pictures, can this be an opportunity for Amazon Prime to take on the leading spot in Video streaming, despite the existence of Hulu and in the Fall of this year the launch of the Disney Plus ?

6) Collaborating with others who have different background and experience helps generate ideas and solution. Having a sound direction to go in and creating a culture that leads one in that direction. Having good energy, people who are motivated, and good at what they do, it’s is important to determine this when hiring people. Those are the three things I see my company has implemented, or created to be more innovative, and to cause change. It is also important that they continue to challenge each other, and to come up with new ideas that bring value to what one is trying to accomplish. It is also a good idea to use the tools, and technology that are available to help propel forward, this almost enforces one to be innovative, it takes imagination, research, commitment and time. It is important to inspire others to do better, so being supportive of one another helps achieve this goal. ‘’Innovative work behavior (IWB) is imperative for innovation and one of the most widely studied construct. IWB is an intentional behavior of an individual to introduce and/or apply new ideas, products, processes, and procedures to his or her work role, unit, or organization” (Akbar, Haider,2017). Our company does a somewhat good job of following those ideas, unfortunately it depends on the economy to determine their consistency.

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