RGD targeted delivery systems as anticancer treatment strategy

Below are the main points the writer should consider for creating the whole of the review based thesis including abstract, materials/methods, discussion, conclusion and references (many references at the end, 30-50 references at least) , and I need the sources of materials used at the end.

The main subject is : “RGD based targeted drug delivery systems in cancer Chemotherapy and cancer treatment”.
The following points must be referred and expanded while writing the thesis:
What is integrin and what are its subtypes To what receptors it is related to and upond its activation what happens
Where integrins are found
functions of integrins
To what ligands integrin binds
Intracellular functions of Integrins
Integrins and other RGD based receptors, what happens to them in case of cancer or metastasis, or related diseases
How Integrin mediated signalling pathway works
RGD applications in tumor therapy and chemotherapeutics
Structure, activation and interactions related to integrins
Overall, how RGD or its related mechanisms can be used in the treatment of cancer What may be its potential uses in Pharmacy or medicine in the future

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