1.Select two public traded companies from the same industry which is

((((((((((((((((((((( Shell and Chevron )))))))))))))))))

2.Research information on internet or other sources

3.Paper should include:

a.Company description/background/markets

b.Three years of nancial data

Sales, Income After Tax,Share Price,Earnings per Share, Number of Outstanding Shares,–any other nancial information you choose to discuss if you use other informa[on be sure and discuss,

do not just download and print total nancial statements keep it focused quantity is not the goal understanding is

c. Calculate at least one ratio from each of the four(4) categories

d.Based on a,b and c, What do you think of each company’s performance Would you prefer owning stock in one or both companies or neither

IMPRORTANT : you should include Ratio Table for both companies.

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