Short ansewrs

Define and explain the significance of three of the following course concepts or approaches (please choose concepts/approaches other than those discussed in your essay in Part I of this assignment). For each of your responses, please reference one of the following texts, ensuring that you use a different text to illustrate each concept/approach: Nervous Conditions; The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian; Cereus Blooms at Night; “The Upside-downness of the World As It Unfolds”; “The Danger of a Single Story”; Schooling the World; A Coyote Columbus Story; “Under Western Eyes Revisited”
• Postcolonial Studies
• Essentialism
• Hybridity
• Stream of Consciousness
• Performativity
• Narrative Discourse
• Assimilation
• Patriarchy
• Counternarrative
• Standpoint Theory
• Structural/Institutional Racism
• Metafiction
• Neocolonialism Each of your responses will be graded for the clarity and depth of your explanation of the approach/concept, as well as the relevance, clarity, and depth of your textual example

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