social policies

social policies

The unemployment rate of men who worked in the blue-collar occupations was relatively higher than that of women who mainly worked in white-collar occupations (Gerstle, 2001). Therefore, policies were initiated to combat the intruding of women on male’s breadwinning roles. First, several states passed legislations to outlaw hiring of married women. Second, the Social Security pension did not cover domestic servants, waitresses and other female occupations to reduce their work coverage. Besides, a majority of commentators proposed ludicrous gender solutions to the challenge of unemployment. For instance, the Norman Cousins suggested that the depression of the unemployment among men could be ended by firing ten million working women and issuing their jobs to men (Gerstle, 2001, p.178). The labor movement made a significant celebration and the protection of male wage earner and its principal goal. Finally, there was the exclusion of inferior groups from the national community to erase any marker of their presence, for instance, women were to be excommunicated from work and other key nation positions.

Q2: Which threats hindered the achievement of social rights by all Americans?

The task or duty of ensuring that the American citizens had access to social rights was incomplete because of some factors or threats. First, the amalgamation of conservative patriotism around Dies and the congressional supporters depicted communism instead of unregulated capitalism (Gerstle, 2001, p.186). Communism was the nation’s worst enemy, and it identified a new deal as an emergent dictatorship. Second, the survival of a radicalized nationalism continued to define America as a society whereby some races are better compared to others. High levels of discrimination hindered utmost achievement of social rights among all Americans.


Gerstle, G. (2001). American Crucible: Race and Nation in the Twentieth Century. Princeton University Press.


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