Social Research Design/Practice : Content analysis

Social Research Design/Practice : Content analysis
Practice : Content analysis

Practice content analysis by testing several of Jean Kilbourne’s theories. I will give a magazine to each group. Working as a group, select ten ads from the magazine that have women in them. (Since this is practice, you don’t need to select randomly.) Using the codes below, record data for each ad on the attached chart.

Column 1: PAGE #. Record the page number of the ad.

Column 2: PRODUCT. Record the brand name and product or service being advertised.

Column 3: #/GENDER. Record the number of people in the ad using the following code:
1 = 1 woman, 0 men
2 = 1 woman, 1 man
3 = 2 women, 0 men
4 = 2 women, 1 man
5 = 2 women, 2 men
9 = other

Column 4: SEXUALIZED. Record whether the women are sexualized (as defined by Kilbourne), using codes:
1 = women ARE sexualized
2 = women are NOT sexualized
9 = other

Column 5: OBJECTIFIED. Kilbourne argues that people (especially women) are reduced to objects when ads show body parts rather than full bodies. Record this variable using codes:
1 = women, individual body parts shown
2 = women, full bodies only shown
9 = other

Column 6: VIOLENCE. Record whether violence is suggested involving women:
1 = yes
2 = no
9 = other

Column 7: INFANTILIZED. Kilbourne argues that women are regularly depicted as childlike. Record whether this occurs in each ad, using the following codes:
1 = yes
2 = no
9 = other

Column 8: SILENCED. Record the presence of the following subtle indications that women should be quiet and withdrawn (enter as many as apply):
1 = finger or hand at mouth
2 = mouth covered by other object
3 = text indicates that woman should be quiet
4 = other indication of quiet
5 = NO indication that women in ad should be quiet
9 = not applicable or no women in ad

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