Social Science

write a description, choose a topic (Social Science) explain the term that is on the instruction page. Use 5 references.1 Writing for your parents, who–for the purpose of this assignment–know nothing about the content of your major, describe the following concept. The description should not exceed 2 double-spaced pages:
2 If your major is:
3 Describe this concept:
4 Education
5 Constructivism

6 A humanities major (such as English, French, Languages, Classics, History)
7 Neoliberalism

8 A social science major (such as Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Psychology, and Sociology)
9 Land use planning

10 Sciences (such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
11 Human genome project

12 Computer Science or Engineering
13 Cloud computing

14 Commerce
15 Keynesian economics

16 Fine arts
17 Post-modernism
19 Follow the format provided in the lesson.
20 Your description should include at least 5 references, which should be cited in the citation format of your major (such as American Psychological Association (APA) or Modern Language Association (MLA)). Of the 5 references, at least 2 should be from peer-reviewed publications and 2 from professional publications.
21 Also include a completed Planning Form.
22 Make sure your completed form includes an outline.

Provide you with an opportunity to perform one of the most common tasks in educational communication.
Provide you with an opportunity to conduct research.
Enhance your planning skills (using the Planning Form.)

Here is a suggested procedure for preparing the assignment:
1 If you are not yet familiar with the concept you have selected, learn not only its definition, but also variations in meaning and how working professionals apply this concept in their everyday work.
3 Tip:
4 Read both peer-reviewed and professional publications. Do not use commercial websites (those of companies). (If you do not know the difference between peer-reviewed and professional publications, that is something else you will need to learn as part of this assignment.)
6 Complete the Planning Form.
7 Interview the expert (working professional or professor).
8 Prepare an outline of your description, making sure that you have covered each of the 3 parts: introduction, body, and summary.
9 Draft the description, following the guidelines set out in the lesson and applying some of the concepts from your text. Note that you are welcome to use graphics, examples, and analogies to explain concepts in the body of the description.
1 Give the description to someone who might actually use it and ask them to tell you what they think you said, in their own words.
2 Revise the description to reflect the user’s comments.
3 Prepare a final draft. Make sure it has the following:
• A completed Planning Form
• A description that does not exceed 2 double-spaced pages

The following issues will be considered in your grade:
Did you include the Planning Form
Writing: Did you follow the format and guidelines described on the course website and presented in the course How easily can the description be understood How well does the description reach the intended audience
Completeness: Did you include all of the requested components of the assignment, including the planning form
• Does the description exceed 2 double-spaced pages If so, you will lose one grade step for each additional page.
• Is the paper double-spaced and typed (prepared on a word processor) If not, I reserve the right not to accept the paper.
• Is the paper submitted on the due date indicated in the course outline Late papers will receive a grade of zero.
Make sure that you comply with the forms lea

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