Why is solving the problem of increasing inequality urgent in the
US ” if you can turn it into a sentence it would be great. you need to find 3 arguments to this problematic which
will be the 3 main part of the paper.
you have to take 3 internal sources which are in the file ”internal sources”
and 4 external sources, use only relevant article with identifiable authors.

-Locke, Angela. Born poor and smart. Off our backs, vol.35 (January- February 2005), p.37 from : My mother was smart, and she was poor until It remains to be seen if I can

-Lindsey, Brink. The Culture of success. The New Republic 12 Mar. 2008: 30-31.
From Something is holding back lower income Americans until We just need more skillful players.

– Gans, Herbert J. The war against the poor instead of programs to end poverty pp 461-65
From While liberals have been talking about remusing the war on poverty until Otherwise, America will not be a decent, safe, or pleasant place to live, even for the affluent

-Yglesias, Matt A great time to be alive page 22-23
From For all the disastrousness of the current recession until On its own, that s inadequate to the full scope of the inequality challenge, but it s an excellent place to start

– Middle of the class The ECONOMIST july 2005.

-Browne, Charmion. When shelter feels like a prison The new York Time 2002 .

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