Strategic planning & program development

Strategic Planning & Program Development
Assignment 2: LASA 1-The Strategic Components of State Healthcare Management Company

The State Healthcare Management Company (a fictitious company) has been established to provide coordinated healthcare to state workers.  You are a new manager in this company.  Your supervisor has asked you to review your company’s mission, vision, goals and strategies.  She/he posed the following questions and has asked you to provide a report (5 – 8 pages) answering each question.  Your report should follow APA guidelines and include at least four outside resources.


The mission of the State Healthcare Management Company is to improve access to cost-effective, quality health care services for state workers.

Our vision for the next three years includes:

Our values are:

Our strategic goals for this year are:


1.     Do you believe our company’s mission, vision and values statements align well   Why or why not

2.     I noticed that the vision statement does not address diversity.  How would you change it to include diversity in hiring

3.     Understanding that the employees must actively work towards the strategic goals established, describe an activity that each of the members of the following teams should work on that are supportive of one of the strategic goals.

1.     Finance

2.     Marketing

3.     Human Resources

4.     Do our company strategic goals relate directly to our vision and values   Why or why not

5.     What should be added to the values to address the ethics of the business

Your supervisor also asked you to use the internet and/or the Argosy online library to research a recent (within the last year) article that describes the current difficulties faced by healthcare companies regarding new or impending government regulations.

6.     Summarize the article you found in 1-2 paragraphs and explain how the concepts presented in the article could affect our company.

7.     Explain how the management of our company, using the mission, vision and/or values to provide guidance, should react to this issue.

8.     Why is it important for healthcare companies to keep current with the competition’s strategies and new regulations

9.     Should a healthcare company rely solely on competitive research in developing their strategies Why or why not   Provide sufficient detail.

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