studying the effect of temperature on fish reproduction

Biology – Scientific Method Lab


A scientist is studying the effect of temperature on fish reproduction (as measured by number of baby fish produced) in aquarium tanks kept at room temperature. The

scientist counts the number of baby fish in each tank at noon every day using a Thermosure brand thermometer.

1. 1- What would be a possible research hypothesis

2. 2. What would be the null hypothesis

3. 3. What is the independent variable in this scenario

4. 4. What is the dependent variable

5. 5. List two standardized variables.

6. 6. What would be the treatment

7. 7. What would be a control group for this treatment

8. 8. Assume the scientist ran a t-test and received a p value of 0.120. What is the probability (in percent) that the difference between the two treatments was

due to chance

9. 9. Based on the P-value of 0.120, would you reject the null hypothesis

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