Taxes at the Local Government Level

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introduction and Alignment
Most citizens understand that the budget documents of a government present the financial condition and
future plans of an entity. What is less commonly recognized is that neither budget documents nor budget
processes are consistent across political jurisdictions. For example, while a local budget proposed by a
mayor or a city manager may eventually become the official working municipal budget, the federal budget
has limited legal status and is not necessarily the official document under which the national government
operates. The official operating budget at the federal level includes appropriation acts. Additionally, some
governmental units may use a collection of budget documents, such as an operating budget, a capital
budget, and a special fund budget.
Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to:
Identify common themes in budgetary approaches of taxation.
Website: Purdue OWL Annotated Bibliographies
Website: OCLS APA Writing Style Guides
Website: OCLS Public Affairs Resources
Background information
Locating articles for research and scholarly activity is a part of every graduate student s academic journey.
While in many of your courses, links have been provided to give you quick access to the assigned
readings, that convenient access robs each student of the experience of searching appropriate databases
to locate articles on his or her own. This skill is one that is part of standard graduate expectations.
In light of this, this assignment encourages students to explore Indiana Wesleyan University s Off Campus
Library (often referred to as OCLS). You are expected to independently search for appropriate articles via
OCLS and to complete this assignment. If you require one-on-one assistance, please contact OCLS via
email or phone. They will be glad to assist you.
1. Review the following resources:
a. Website: Purdue OWL Annotated
b. Website: OCLS APA Writing Style Guides:
2. There are two components to this assignment: an annotated bibliography and a written analysis of
the articles.
a. Part One: Annotated Bibliography. For this assignment, you will complete an annotated
bibliography of three scholarly journal articles in the public affairs discipline related to taxes
at the local government level. Magazines, websites, books, unpublished manuscripts, and
the like are not acceptable.
i. Review the research-related sources available to MPA students to assist you with
your search for appropriate articles. See the OCLS Public Affairs Resources page:
ii. Be sure that the articles are no more than five years old.
iii. An annotated bibliography should include the following entries for each article:
1. Full APA reference
2. Summary of the main points of the article
3. Summary of the author s qualifications a3 42))/ . .. 12/ I /20 1 6

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