By this point we have read about and discussed a number of different tax revenue generation avenues available to governments, especially those at the local level. We have also considered the “anti-tax” mentality that exists in a significant number of locales, in which the idea of raising any existing tax or creating any new tax is political/administrative suicide.
For this assignment, you are to select a local community – preferably your own – and address the following:
1. What is the general tax characteristics of the community – does it rely heavily on property tax, for example, or is it a tourist community assessing out-of-towners a greater level of tax burden through hotel taxes? How does your community’s government support itself?
2. What are the effects of those taxes on the local community? Does it affect business decisions to locate there or move away? How does the level of taxation and characteristics of the tax compare to surrounding locales (cities, counties, states)? 
3. What is the attitude of the community regarding taxation? 
4. What changes, if any, could the community make with regards to the form or levels of taxation that would improve the community? What issues are not addressed, or are suffering, through low/high/insufficient/improper levels of taxation?
In order to properly address these points, your paper should be no less than two pages, double-spaced, at a minimum. There’s no maximum, but be sure you have something to say rather than simply writing for length. You should use citations as necessary/required to support arguments or document material obtained from outside sources, and include said citations within a bibliography at paper’s end. No title page is necessary, but be sure to include your name on your paper and title the paper properly as per the syllabus!

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