term paper

term paper

500 words in length.
You will prepare and submit a term paper on Community Pharmacy Practice and Experience. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. The least enjoyable and most boring part of the Internship was the re-counting of tablets or pills, bagging, shelving, and doing the inventory. I kept on thinking that I can do other things that were more important. Now, looking back I realize that I was doing an important task. I was being part of the team. If I didn’t do the work well, the pharmacy would suffer. I also realized that the tasks of making the inventory. and, shelving or returning medicine bottles to its proper shelves were only boring because I was already familiar with the generic and brand names. The knowledge I learned through the Listing of the Top Medicines distributed in Classes of POP 4-6. As to the re-counting of controlled medications before bagging. I had no difficulty identifying the controlled medications.&nbsp.I now realize that I enjoyed the entire experience basically because I came prepared. Our school prepared me well—class discussions, lectures, and handouts. I will forever be grateful to the school administrators, lecturers, curriculum designers, and staff who were all instrumental in preparing me for the internship.

Perhaps another additional course should be offered — Pharmacy Set-Up and Management. Exposure through the learning of the basic Pharmacy set-ups will enable the student to devise means and ways to facilitate customer care, dispensing of medicines, and other services that a Pharmacy can offer to its customers. I saw how the Rite Pharmacy rose to the challenge of catering to the needs of its customers. The success of a working Pharmacy is also dependent on how it is run. Varying Management Styles may be studied, compared, and contrasted.

I would rate the experience from 1-10. 10 being the highest—definitely a 10!&nbsp.

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