The Association of Stress and Academic Achievement among College Students

You have already worked on the introduction of this paper and now i need you to work on that last part of the
paper which is the discussion but also the abstract of the paper. I have attached everything that you need under
additional materials. First of all, i have attached the paper instructions but keep in mind that you will be writing
only the discussion part and the abstract since the other parts are already ready. So as you will see on the word
document the discussion part is comprised of the following parts:
6. Discussion:
a. Right after Results, with heading (Discussion)
b. Paragraph: was your hypothesis supported Why
i. If some studies didn t support it, why not
c. Paragraph: what were the strengths of your study
d. Paragraph: what were the weaknesses of your study
e. Paragraph: What is your idea for a specific future study
i. Study design (case control, cohort, experiment, etc.)
ii. How will you select the study sample
iii. How will you measure the exposure
iv. How will you measure the outcome

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