The Big Bang Novelty Company

The Big Bang Novelty Company
The Big Bang Novelty Company (BBNC) makes 3 types of noise makers: Toot, Wheet, and Honk.
A Toot can be made in 30 minutes and has a feather attached to it.
A Wheet requires 20 minutes, has two feathers, and is sprinkled with 0.5 ounces of sequin powder.
The Honk requires 30 minutes, three feathers, and 1 ounce of sequin powder.
The unit profits are $0.45 per Toot, $0.55 per Wheet, and $0.70 per Honk.
The following resources are available: 80 hours of labor, 360 feathers, and 90 ounces of sequin powder.
BBNC would like to maximize the overall profit from the noise-makers.
(a) Write the linear programming model. Express labor time in minutes in LP formulation.
suppose the labor hours available is 100 hours, instead of 80 hours. Write down the new constraint that says: labor minutes used <= labor minutes available. Use the variable names:
T = Number of Toots produced
W = Number of Wheets produced
H = Number of Honks produced

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