the comprehensive application, synthesis and evaluation

I’m looking for someone that familiar with the DSM5 and ready right now to view a couple of cases which are small paragraphs. Give a paragraph style answer after reading giving the comprehensive application, synthesis and evaluation in their understanding after reading the case study using comprehensive information from the DSM5 to do so. This must be well written with in-depth reasoning behind your response. I need this now!!! As it is due within hours so if you can’t deliver now please don’t even attempt to take this job. This is for an Advanced Psychology class. Please see the attachment provided below. Needed in 2hrs max I need this right back !!11. Anne lived with her biological mother until age three.  She was removed from her mother’s care after it was learned that she was not fed regularly and was usually kept alone, locked in a closet for hours every day.  After being removed from her mother, Anne was placed in five foster homes over the next two years.  The foster parents complained that she did not seem to bond with them, but resisted comforting and avoided contact.  They noticed that she seemed very guarded and stiffened when held.  Anne never cried when separated from her foster parents and did not play with other children either.  Instead, Anne spent most of her day isolated, but carefully watching the people around her.
12. Cathy   is a 34 year old bank executive who is brought for evaluation by her husband. According to her husband, Carol was in excellent health until 2 weeks ago, when she began staying up later and later at night. Her husband  was initially not too concerned, until she began awakening him to talk about the revolutionary new ideas she had about creating an international bank cartel. He notes she was full of energy and talked rapidly about the many ideas she had to be president of this new company. He became quite concerned when Carol at 3 AM telephoned European banks to discuss her ideas. When her husband confronted her about the inappropriateness of her phone calls, she became enraged and accused him of purposefully attempting to sabotage her venture. She was brought to the emergency room by her husband and two friends. Carol was not found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
On examination, she talks about her ideas to revolutionize the banking industry and control the world currency. When her ideas are questioned she becomes irritable and threatens to leave. She is on no medication and has no history of psychiatric problems. She has no history of drug or alcohol abuse. She has significant conflicts with her parents. Her physical exam is normal and a toxic screen for drugs is negative.

13. Tom  is a 28 year old government employee referred by his family physician for an evaluation. He reports a 3-month history of worsening anxiety that is especially bad early in the morning. “ I wake up at 3 in the morning and I can’t get back to sleep. My thoughts torment me.” He also reports decreased energy, inability to concentrate at his job, decreased appetite with a 10 pound weight loss, and suicidal ideation.  “I feel so hopeless that suicide seems like an option.”  He also states, “There is nothing in my life that I enjoy.”
Tom is tearful during the evaluation. He lacks animation and has few body movements during the session. His mood is quite depressed. He reports two previous depressive periods. He has been having problems in his marriage and at work. He has no known health problems.

14. Perry is a 43 year old male.  He came to be evaluated because he has been feeling somewhat depressed for over three years.  He prefers to sleep 12 to 14 hours a day and constantly feels hopeless. His appetite and cognitive functioning are normal and he denies suicidal ideation.  He finally admitted these symptoms to his physician after losing his job due to missing too many days at work.
15. Nathan is a 16 year old male.  He was brought to counseling by his mother. She stated that Nathan gets extremely angry at the slightest provocation.  When he is angry, he hits walls and destroys his possessions and furniture in the house.  He has also gotten into many fights with other youths and recently hit a teacher who had simply asked him for his homework.  Other than this quick temper, Nathan has had no other behavior or learning problems.  She noted that Nathan began having trouble controlling his anger after his father died and the family moved to a new town about a year ago.  Several of the students at his new school had started to tease Nathan the first day he attended class.  The mother reported that Nathan has not developed any friends and continues to be teased.  She said that it seems to take less and less to cause him to “blow up” as time goes on.  Nathan has been suspended several times for fighting at school and was informed after hitting the teacher that he would be expelled unless he started attending counseling.   Nathan has no history of drug use and no known medic

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